The word Movement means intentional and contagious. As we grow as a church,we want to be intentional with people who possibly want to go into vocational ministry and or want experience working in a local church.


Our internship experience is geared to develop and empower future leaders, while gaining practical experience and understanding of how the local church operates. Along the way, we will provide leadership development and coaching.

We are excited to announce a 12 week Summer internship program from

May 16th to August 8th. 

We will offer focuses in worship, creative arts/social media, design, and pastoral.

Application deadlines are March 21st.

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If you are interested, download our application and overview and submit it to

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Jackson Woosley

Movement Church welcomed me in like one of their own. Not being from the Columbus area, I quickly had to adapt to the culture. Mark Artrip (Lead Pastor) and Josh Howard (Pastor of Communication and Arts) invited me to come alongside them in ministry, teaching me, showing me, and allowing me to learn through hands on experience within practical church ministry. This internship served as a vehicle by which my character grew immensely, my sanctification increased tremendously, and my love for people and the Church has never been stronger! My time at Movement was the experience of a lifetime. Being someone who plans on entering into vocational ministry, this internship served by far as the greatest tool to sharpen me in that process. Without hesitation I would highly recommend this internship to anyone remotely interested in the church ministry. 

Austin Miller

I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent my summer than interning at Movement. Working with staff and volunteers was inspiring and refreshing as I watched them strive to serve the community week after week. I am so grateful for the time with Josh, Mark and many others gave up to work with me to enrich my experience. As I look to the future, I feel significantly more confident than I did ten weeks ago in my call to ministry and ability to work in this setting. 

Cassidy Anderson

I have loved my time interning with Movement! Working with Mark and Josh, as challenges came, I felt very safe admitting my weaknesses to them. They shared Truth and wisdom with me, which helped me grow in these areas of weakness. Practically, this internship helped me develop my design skills and even get my job at Serif Creative, but what I count as more significant is how the atmosphere of working at the Movement office helped grow my character. I would suggest this internship to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to see their gifts grow as they determine how they can more closely follow Jesus in a work environment.