We love and believe in kids and see them as a vital part of our church. 

We work hard to make Movement Kids an age specific environment where spiritual next steps happen. Each week we specially design a mixture of a lesson time, singing, dancing, snacks, games, activities, and specialized teacher interaction to create a safe, controlled, inviting environment where kids can grow and have fun.

Our youngest Movement attendees can be found in the nursery being loved on, sung to, and learning basic developmental skills! Children are fully engaged with our leaders while mom and dad are able to relax and plug into the Sunday morning worship experience.

In the Pike classroom your 2 year old will experience bible based stories, engage in fun hands on activities , and learn how to worship our Mighty God at a early age! 

In Quest, we realize how important it is to start laying the foundation for your child's growth and walk in the Lord at an early age. Your child will be introduced to major characters and events in the Bible through hands-on activities, games, songs and story storytime.

Everest is for your Pre-K child (4-5 year olds) who loves to learn about Jesus in an exciting way! Your child will participate in singing, dancing, and crafts all geared toward the weekly lesson centered towards the different way God is present in our every day lives.

In the Summit classroom your K-5th grader will have life-changing encounters with God every week through irresistible music, unforgettable Bible adventures, and powerful prayer experiences. Your child will break up into smaller groups where they will get a chance to encourage their friends, study the Bible, and pray together. It’s more than LEARNING about God, 

It’s about ENCOUNTERING God!