Easter at movement

We spend a lot of our time thinking about Easter morning: New outfits, which service we’re going to attend. People go to Easter breakfasts, sunrise services, and retell the story the women heading to the tomb. But it's easy to forget that the Easter story was confusing even for some of the main characters involved. It wasn't until the evening that Jesus’s own disciples actually saw him and understood things. For most of the first Easter, the disciples spent their time trying to make sense of the empty tomb. For some, their Easter mornings are filled with the certainty that Jesus has risen from the dead. But for the disciples on that first Sunday, their assurance didn't come until the end of a long and confusing day. Maybe you would say, “I’ve been confused and searching for a long time”. We are flawed and at a dead end, but Jesus gave his life to save us and now we can live our lives in response to His love.